Noni Leaf Element

The noni leaf element is a fruit plant that is native to Southeast Asia but is slowly spreading and can now be found growing in places such as India. The typical place for this plant to be found growing is in shady forests or along rocky shores. This plant differs from others as it produces an edible fruit that can be eaten. This fruit can be used in many different ways and one of the ways it can be consumed is to be dried and made into noni tea. The tea is enjoyed by many but it does take some warming up to.

When a person first sees the noni leaf element, they will notice the fruit growing. A benefit of this plant is that once the fruit is picked, it will begin growing back almost immediately. Fruit can be produced on a monthly basis in most places. The plant does have a terrible odor and this can turn some people away. This is also another reason why some people prefer to drink noni tea instead of consuming the fruit. It is not uncommon for people to not be able to get past the smell once they first see the plant.

The flavor of the noni element and of noni tea is a very sweet taste. The taste is most likely what keeps people coming back for more and consuming this product long term. Due to the nasty odor this plant has, it has earned the nickname cheese fruit or vomit fruit. This is a product that can be found in many health food stores and is quickly becoming very common amongst those in the tea community. There are benefits to drinking this as a tea and to eating the fruit that is routinely produced on this plant.

Noni tea is generally recommended for anyone of any age. There is an exception when it comes to pregnant women and women who are nursing. While there is evidence to show the positive effect of this tea, there is not enough research to show the positive effects for a pregnant or nursing woman. For a pregnant or nursing woman who really wants to use this product, she should first check with her doctor to see what the doctor thinks. Drinking tea has become a part of the modern world and we are slowly learning more and more about the positive effects that tea has on all of us.

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